Support Services Commitment

Effective June 16, 2015

In this commitment, when we say “Application Services” we’re referring to the whole suite of software that we provide on a “software as a service” basis: Kuali Financials; Kuali Research; Kuali Student, and Kuali Ready (Continuity Planning).

Any of the capitalized terms used in this commitment that aren’t already defined in the text are explained at the end in the “Definitions” section.

We’ll update this commitment from time to time as things change, and we’ll notify you any time we do. You can always find the latest version of this commitment on the Kuali Support Page (

All our documentation and support is provided in English.

Use of Kuali Support Services

Our Responsibilities

We will make all reasonable professional efforts to:

  • Provide our Support Services as described in this commitment for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

  • Respond to your Support Requests within the target response times.

  • Keep Application Services up to date.

  • Provide current and relevant online self-help tools for End Users and administrators.

Your Responsibilities

You’ll be responsible for:

  • End Users’ compliance with the terms of service, the Kuali Master Subscription Agreement and any other applicable or appropriate agreements.

  • Using reasonable efforts to fix any error, configuration problem, malfunction, or network connectivity issue without escalation to us.

  • Working collaboratively with our support staff to resolve your Support Requests by providing timely responses to inquiries from our support staff.

We will not be able to resolve all Requests

We do try, but sometimes we just will not be able to provide answers to, or resolve, all Support Requests.

Services Not Provided as part of our Support Services

Some services are not provided as part of our Support Services and may require a separate work order. Examples include:

  • Migration issues.

  • Requests for integration with 3rd party capabilities & services.

  • Improper usage of the Application Services.

  • Assistance understanding data relationships as presented in the database schema documentation in order to write or format queries.

  • Non-supported 3rd party tools used with Application Services.

  • Issues arising with products hosted by a third party unless optional support identified in the Kuali Master Subscription Agreement.

  • Issues known by us not to be related to the Application Service itself.

  • Any data or file restoration that requires accessing back up databases or file systems will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

  • Assistance with on-premise issues or integrations.

Customer’s Designated Representatives

You may designate up to 2 individuals for the purposes of initiating Support Requests, and you may designate substitutes as needed. These Designated Representatives should be staff members that have been trained as Application Service administrators.

Your Designated Representatives will have the ability to initiate Support Requests as described in this commitment.

Support Window

Designated Representatives can contact us with a Support Request 24x7x365. Full details on which support channel to use for your product can be found on the Kuali Support Page (

For Urgent support issues, you may also call us at (385) 336-6268.

Backups and Business Continuity

We provide a high level of cross-regional business continuity—with centers in Oregon, California and North Virginia, to be able to support the worst of disasters.


Backups are cloned over secure links to remote archives, and run daily for non data-store systems, with data-store systems supporting journals and logs and a Recovery Point Objective (RPO) of 60 minutes. Overall Recovery Time Objective (RTO) is 12 hours. Daily backups are retained for 28 days, and a weekly backup is retained beyond that for a total period of 90 days.

Maintenance Windows

In most cases, maintenance has limited or no negative impact on the availability and functionality of the Application Services. We use professionally reasonable efforts to provide at least five days advance notice of any unplanned maintenance outside of the defined maintenance windows. In addition, we may perform emergency unscheduled maintenance at any time. If we expect emergency unscheduled maintenance to negatively affect the availability or functionality of the Application Services, we will use professionally reasonable efforts to provide advance notice.

Of course, any outage which happens within these defined windows is not considered a service outage.

Changes are made in a continuous manner, with automated testing and validation, and there is also a standard change window.

Default Maintenance Windows

Unless otherwise arranged, these are our standard maintenance windows:

Continuous Changes are those where stable automated testing and deployment processes manage the commits, including platform critical updates as well as configuration and code deployments. Ready, Core and Student use a Continuous Change Delivery model where changes are deployed through staging to production as soon as they are tested and ready.

For Research, the delivery of these changes are staged for deployment at certain times:

  • 5:00 PM (1700) US/Mountain Daily - Changes are committed to Staging environments.

  • 8:00 PM (2000) US/Mountain Daily - The same changes validated in Staging are committed to Production environments.

And the same for Financials, but at different times:

  • 5:00 PM (1700) US/Mountain Thursday - Changes are committed to Staging environments.

  • 12:00 AM (0000) US/Mountain Thursday - The same changes validated in Staging are committed to Production environments.

Additionally there is a Standard Change window which may be used, but are reserved for updates which cannot fit the Continuous Change cycle. This is a standing maintenance window each month:

  • Production: 3rd Sunday, 5:00 AM (0500) to 9:00 AM (0900) US/Mountain.

  • Non-Production: Thursday before the Production window, 12:00 PM (1200) to 5:00 PM (1700) US/Mountain (stage, demo, and sandboxes)

  • Development: Wednesday before the Production window, 12:00 PM (1200) to 5:00 PM (1700) US/Mountain (test, and other product development)

Short-fuse Changes are any others which cannot fit within a Continuous Change or a Standard Change, and may be made with at least 5 business days notification.

Service Availability

Service Availability Guarantee

We use commercially reasonable efforts to make the Services available during Planned Service Periods, which exclude planned maintenance windows or other scheduled maintenance outages. If monthly Service Availability for Planned Service Periods falls below 99.9%, You will receive a Service Credit. The Service will be deemed unavailable if it is unresponsive within one minute during Planned Service Periods.

Service Availability Report

At any time you may request an Availability Report from us.

Service Credit

Service Credits are calculated as the percentage of time in a month that the Service is unavailable, multiplied by the Annual SaaS Fees paid by you prorated for the month during which you are eligible for a Service Credit. We will apply any Service Credits against future Services at the time of service renewal or extension. Service Credits will not entitle you to any refund or other payment from us.

Impact and Urgency

You’ll be designating the Impact level for each Support Request. Upon receiving a Support Request from your Designated Representative, we will begin evaluating the Request and will respond within the target response time for the designated Impact level. If we have any questions about the Impact level you assigned to your Support Request, we will work with you to come to an understanding about the appropriate designation.



Initial Response Time


The service is unusable, or the majority of end users cannot access the service.

Urgent issues should be reported 24 x 7 x 365 via phone, and we will immediately open an audio conference line for you and everyone involved in resolving the issue.


The service is materially impaired but may still be functional.

High Impact issues should be reported by submitting a ticket online at and will receive an initial response within 4 hours between 8AM and 5PM US Mountain Time.


The service is partially impaired, but workarounds are in place; or the service fully usable, but information or enhancement is requested.

Normal Impact issues should be reported by submitting a ticket online at and will receive an initial response as soon as possible between 8AM and 5PM US Mountain Time.

Our approach to resolution depends on the designated Impact of a Request. We will use every professionally reasonable means to resolve Support Requests as quickly as possible and will use a special process for Urgent Requests.

You are responsible for responding to any questions and requests by End Users or other third parties relating to you use, or your End Users’ use of the Application Services, with such support to be provided by your personnel, at your expense. We provide some support for your End Users, but only through self-help mechanisms such as our online knowledgebases, help systems, and community forums which are accessible at, or such other URL as we may provide.

Urgent Issue Management

We have established the following process for managing Urgent issues (aka Major Incident Management):

  • This process is mandatory for a Support Request of Urgent Impact, but it may be used at our discretion for other requests.

  • A communications bridge is created using a conference/meeting technology.

  • Anyone involved in the Urgent issue, from both parties (Kuali and you), will join the bridge. Lack of participation on your part when it is needed to help resolve the issue may be an indicator that it is appropriate to downgrade the Impact level of the issue.

  • There will be status updates shared on the bridge as progress is made, or every 30 minutes, until the problem is resolved, unless you direct otherwise.

Technical Account Management

The Technical Account Management (TAM) program is an add-on service that provides you with a “concierge” level of attention from our TAM team, focused on your institution’s success. We do this by integrating with your team at a level of involvement greater than our standard support permits. This provides your institution with a more proactive level of partnership with us, and elevates visibility into our processes. It is important to note that the TAM team are not extended support individuals, but they can help with the support process.

In summary, the TAM team program provides:

  • Availability during your business hours.

  • A member of your team: depending upon the interest purchased, they dedicate a portion of their time to you and will participate in your processes.

  • An advocate for you within Kuali, who, through this partnership, is able to represent your interests within all of the things going on within Kuali.

  • A visit to your site at least once a year, or more depending upon the interest purchased.

  • A greater level of reporting on your service, including stability, usage, the value it is providing, upcoming updates, and the like.

  • Help managing significant changes that are important to you.

A named Technical Account Manager may also be acquired for an additional fee.

Feature Requests

You can make Feature Requests by submitting a ticket on the Kuali Support Page ( If we deem a Support Request to be a Feature Request, we will proceed as follows:

  1. We’ll work with you to understand your business needs.

  2. Together, we will explore existing options in the software that might accommodate your needs

  3. If we decide to proceed with the Feature Request, we will consult other customers to ensure that the solution we provide considers all institutional profiles and best practices.

  4. We will then prioritize the Feature Request based on your needs and our findings on applicability to other customers

If you require that the Feature Request be resolved on a different schedule than overall priorities dictate, please know that there may be a charge for development.


For the purpose of this commitment, the terms below have the following meanings:

"Designated Representative" means designated customer administrators and support representatives.

"End User" means any of your faculty members, students, staff, employees or agents whom you have authorized to access and use the Application Service.

"Feature Request" means a request to incorporate a new feature or enhance an existing feature of the Application Service that is currently not available.

"Impact" means the classification or priority of your Support Request which is used to establish target response times and how the issue is managed.

"Support Request" means a request from you to us for support to resolve a question or problem regarding the Application Service.

“Support Services” means our normal provision of advice, direction, and support via telephone and email regarding the Application Service, which we will provide in English.