The Contracts & Grants module of Kuali Financials supports all post-award financial requirements for contracts and grants, including indirect costs and cost share as well as budgets and project to date balances.

The Contracts & Grants (CG) module also includes support for managing invoicing activities related to Contracts & Grants. When this functionality is turned on, several additional menu options display. Additionally, the Agency, and Award and Customer documents have additional tabs and fields to collect information needed by Contracts & Grants Billing. These additional menu items, tabs and fields are described within the AR and CG documentation and identified as being available when Contracts & Grants Billing is turned on.

Contracts & Grants Billing provides the ability to invoice by account, award and contract control account. Invoicing methods include Cost Reimbursable, Pre-Determined Billing, Milestone and Letter of Credit Draws. Contracts & Grants Billing also comes with functionality related to Collection Activity, such as Dunning Campaigns and Tickler Reports. Contracts & Grants Invoices can be created manually or via batch. Contracts & Grants Invoices are stored within regular AR and payments are applied in the same way as regular AR invoices.

This guide provides information about using the functions of the Contracts & Grants module.