Admins can go into a proposal that is in workflow and use the send-back functionality to undo approvals, move the proposal, or force an approver/proposer to add more information. The admin does not have to belong to the workflow in order to send it back.


Step 1 - Find a proposal

  1. Log in as an admin

  2. Find the proposals tab on the left hand navigation

  3. Uncheck the “My Proposals” filter to find other userʻs proposals

  4. Use the “Review” filter on the right hand side to find proposals that are in workflow.


Step 2 - View Proposal

  1. Click on a proposal to view it

  2. Find the workflow status at the top of the proposal


  1. Review the proposal to decide if it needs to be sent back

Step 3 - Send Proposal Back

  1. Find the list of action items on the right hand side

  2. Select the “send back for changes” action item on the right hand side


  1. Decide which role you would like to send the proposal back to

    1. (Each box represents a role in workflow)

  2. Select that role on the send back workflow tracker


  1. Decide how you would like it to come back to you

    1. Me: this option will allow you to send the proposal back to anyone in the workflow and then have it come directly back to you when they are finished.

    2. Back Through Workflow: this option will allow you to send the proposal back to anyone in the workflow. However, by doing so you are effectively undoing any approval in between you and the node you sent it back to. The proposal will have to go through those nodes again in order to reach you.

  2. Make a comment explaining why you are sending the proposal back.

  3. Select “send back”

    1. Proposal will be sent back to the person you selected and then it will continue through workflow in the way you specified.


  • If you don’t click a role in the workflow tracker to send back to, you’ll get an error message