(This information is available as a downloadable MSWord Document)

After your initial login, you will arrive at the Kuali Home screen. This screen is also referred to as the ‘landing’ page. 

The page consists of a primary and secondary menu bar, a general search tool, and a series of quick links.

1 . Primary Menu Bar: Each item in the header will present a menu portal or act as a navigation hyper-link. The options in the Primary Header will differ based on your roles/access in the system. (e.g. Only users with administrative/maintenance roles will see System Admin Portal.)

a. Researcher Portal: Click to view the menu options categorized for a researcher persona. Options presented include create links for Proposals and Protocols, as well as search options for those modules, Award, Negotiations, Institutional Proposal, etc. 

b. Unit/Central Admin: Click to view the menu options categorized for a departmental or central administrator. Options presented include links to create or search in the implemented Pre-Award, Post-Award, and Compliance modules. There are a variety of quick links to frequently accessed items used in administrative tasks, like Sponsors and Address Book.

c. System Admin Portal: Click to navigate and access the Maintenance and System Admin screens to view or update maintenance documents and tables.

Secondary Menu Bar: This bar is a toolbar to provide access to system functions

a. Action List: Opens the logged in user’s action list (items designated for their approval, review, or notifications.

b. Doc Search: Opens the search to let a logged user search by document number.

c.  User (name): Name of the logged in user is displayed. Click the drop-down arrow to Logout or Access Preferences to customize email notification preferences.


3  User Welcome, main landing page: The first name of the logged in user appears.

Smart Search feature: start entering text into this field and the system will present available matching options
Quick Links: Click on any of the listed items to navigate to that screen or function